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EN 547-2:1996+A1:2008

Safety of machinery - Human body measurements - Part 2: Principles for determining the dimensions required for access openings

Status: Harmonized
Sector of EN 547-2:1996+A1:2008: MD | Machinery
Sphere of EN 547-2:1996+A1:2008: Regulation No. 22/1997 Sb. - harmonized sphere
Publications in the Official Journal: 2017/C/183/2
Notified bodies (NANDO): Notified bodies for Directive EP and Council 2006/42/EC
ES/EU regulation ČR regulation SR regulation
Directive EP and Council 2006/42/EC
/ amendment 2014/33/EU repeals article No 24 with reference to lifts
nařízení vlády č. 176/2008 Sb.
(consolidated text)
nariadenie vlády SR č. 436/2008 Z.z.
(consolidated text)
Released: September, 2009


ČSN EN 547-2+A1:2009  

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