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EN 1591-1:2013

Flanges and their joints - Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections - Part 1: Calculation

Status: Harmonized
Sector of EN 1591-1:2013: PED | Pressure Equipment
Sphere of EN 1591-1:2013: Regulation No. 90/2016 - harmonized sphere (NLF)
Publications in the Official Journal: 2017/C/389/1 (hEN)
2016/C/447/6 (EAD)
Notified bodies (NANDO): Notified bodies for Directive EP and Council 2014/68/EU
ES/EU regulation ČR regulation SR regulation
Directive EP and Council 2014/68/EU
with corrigendum
/ Directive 97/23/EC is repealed by Directive 2014/68/EU with effect from 19 July 2016.
/ applicable from 19 July 2016
/ Agreement No 2017/2118
/ Guidelines related to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)
nařízení vlády č. 219/2016 Sb. effectiveness 19. 7. 2016, replaces 26/2003 Coll.
nariadenie vlády SR č. 1/2016 Z.z. effectiveness 19. 7. 2016, replaces 576/2002 Coll.
Co-existence period end date: 12.09.2014
Released: September, 2014


ČSN EN 1591-1:2015  

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