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Sector of: Marine equipment

Sphere of: Regulation No. 90/2016 - harmonized sphere (NLF)

Abbreviation: ME
Publications in the Official Journal: No
Notified bodies (NANDO): Notified bodies for Directive 2014/90/EU
ES/EU regulation ČR regulation SR regulation
Directive 2014/90/EU
/ Directive 96/98/EC is repealed with effect from 18 September 2016
/ Commission Delegated Regulation: (EU)2018/414
/ Commission Implementing Regulation: (EU)2018/608
/ Commission Implementing Regulation: (EU)2019/1397  1. 9. 2020 repealed by Regulation
Nariadenie vlády SR č. 262/2016 Z.z. with amendment No 327/2019 Z.z.
/ effectiveness 1. 10. 2016, replaces 243/2001 Coll.
nařízení vlády č. 345/2016 Sb. effectiveness 10. 11. 2016, replaces 266/2009 Coll.
Sector (abbr.) hEN:
Status:   Regulation:
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