Information system Product regulation

Group 3.


Sector of: Construction products
Publications in the Official Journal: 2018/C/092/6 (hEN)
2018/C/370/5 (EAD) (16. 11. 2018)
(EU)2019/451 (hEN)
Corrigendum xx.yy (EU)2019/451 (10. 12. 2019)
(EU)2019/450 (EAD)
(EU)2019/896 (EAD) (29. 5. 2019)
Commission decision 1999/90/EC 2003/655/EC (EAD) 1997/556/EC (EAD
Mandates M/102 Změny mandátu: M/130 , M/137 , M/126
Dangerous substances : Regulations of the Czech Republic - Dangerous substances

SVHC: rubber, plastics, pigments

Selection of potentialy dangerous substances for Group 3 (CPR):
benzo[a]pyrene, cadmium and its compounds, barium, chromium and molybdenum, 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(4-chlorophenyl)ethane (DDT), biocides, lead, CMR categories 1A and 1B, phthalates, fluorinated hydrocarbons, hydrogenfluorocarbons (HFCs, FCs, PFCs, SF6), thiazolinon, flame retardarts

Materials for group 3 (CPR):
thermoplastic elastomers, bitumen, composites, preservatives, elastomers, pigments (carbon black), filler (calcium carbonate, sand), zinc oxide, UV inhibitor, mineral fibres
Emise Water , Soil
EAD code Full text EAD Title First publication in OJEU TAB notified in NANDO Assessments systems Groups (CPR)
EAD 030019-00-0402 EAD 030019-00-0402 (EN) Liquid applied roof waterproofing on the basis of polysiloxane 2017/C118/02 12.04.2017 - 4 3
EAD 030065-00-0402 EAD 030065-00-0402 (EN) Composite roof waterproofing kit 2018/C228/03 29.06.2018 - 4 3
EAD 030092-00-0605 EAD 030092-00-0605 (EN) Mineral non-flexible sealing slurry kit on the basis of cement 2018/C370/05 12.10.2018 TAB 1 3
EAD 030155-00-0402 EAD 030155-00-0402 (EN) One component bitumen-polyurethane resin for flashing application 2018/C417/07 16.11.2018 - 3 3
EAD 030218-00-0402 EAD 030218-00-0402 (EN) Membrane for use as roof underlay 2017/C379/07 10.11.2017 - 4 3
EAD 030351-00-0402 replaces ETAG 006Canceled EAD 030351-00-0402 (EN) Systems of mechanically fastened flexible roof waterproofing sheets (superseding technical specification “ETAG 006”) 2019/896 29.05.2019 TAB 2+ 3
EAD 320002-02-0605 replaces EAD 320002-01-0605Canceled EAD 320002-00-0605Canceled EAD 320002-02-0605 (EN) Coated metal water stop sheet for construction and controlled crack joints in waterproof concrete 2016/C459/08 09.12.2016 - 3 32, 3
EAD 320008-01-0605 replaces EAD 320008-00-0605Canceled EAD 320008-01-0605 (EN) Swellable joint sealing tape on the basis of bentonit for construction joints in watertight concrete 2018/C417/07 16.11.2018 - 4 32, 3
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